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Airepure Australia Pty Ltd

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Airepure Australia is a leading national air filtration company providing unique, powerful and integrated air filtration solutions. We service clients from a diverse range of industries; including building and commercial, industrial, mining, chemical and petro-chemical, waste water, health and health sciences and pharmaceutical. We pride ourselves on a philosophy of customer driven solutions and our ability to deliver quality air filtation products and services.

Airepure's solutions range from providing air conditioning filters, odour control and airborne contaminant solutions to commercial venues, facilities and mobile plants; providing air filtration and wet scrubber technologies aimed at odour control and airborne chemical release prevention within industrial and waste water plants and facilities; and providing ultra clean air filtration, HEPA filter and airborne containment technologies to science, medical and pharmaceutical industry applications.

We have our own range of quality air filtration products, accessories and NATA testing services, and are able to offer a growing range of specialty air filtration products and services through our partnerships with a range of leading and respected international air filtration companies, including Flanders CSC, Purafil Inc, Air Scrubbers Inc, Strobic Air and Met-Pro/Duall.

Airepure have office or agent, warehouse and technical support facilities in all major cities, including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Perth, Launceston and Hobart. Our facilities are ISO9001:2008 certified and we have strict control of incoming materials of contruction, production methods and proceedures for all stages ot the supply chain. Our in-house engineering, estimation and service departments ensure we can support and service our clients through the entire process from system design to installation as well as after sales service and maintenance.

AirePleat HC G4 610x610x50mm

Product Code:

$23.10(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x46mm

Product Code:

$36.30(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x96mm

Product Code:

$63.80(inc GST)



G4 FourPak Media Bag 610x610x380mm

Product Code:

$26.40(inc GST)



MultiPak F5 Media Bag 610x610x580mm

Product Code:

$41.80(inc GST)



Airepak F6 Multipocket Bag 8 Pocket 610x610x560mm

Product Code:

$104.72(inc GST)



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