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Airepure Australia Pty Ltd

Welcome to the Airepure Australia Pty Ltd Web Store

Airepure Australia is a leading national air filtration company providing unique, powerful and integrated air filtration solutions, ranging from basic HVAC filtration through to high end HEPA/ULPA filtration and airborne containment technologies. 

We carry a comprehensive inventory of air filters and accessories for commercial / industrial air conditioning systems and air handling units; including disposable filter panels, pleats, V-forms, multi-pockets and bags, carbon filters, chemical media and HEPA filters. 

Our filters are available in different classes / filter ratings to provide the degree of protection required.   Standard sizes are stocked nationally. Custom sizes can be made to order.   Please call Airepure to arrange this.

Airepure have office or agent, warehouse and technical support facilities in all major cities, including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

We offer a comprehensive range of air filtration product and accessories with reliable product availability, Australia-wide. Airepure facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified and we have established and maintain strict product quality requirements. 

Airepure full time Engineering, Estimating and Service departments are available to support and service our clients through the entire process from system design to installation as well as after sales service and maintenance. This important support function is one of the most significant values that we bring to our clients, in addition to quality filters and air filtration expertise.


AirePleat HC G4 610x610x50mm

Product Code:

$23.10(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x46mm

Product Code:

$36.30(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x96mm

Product Code:

$63.80(inc GST)



G4 FourPak Media Bag 610x610x380mm

Product Code:

$26.40(inc GST)



MultiPak F5 Media Bag 610x610x580mm

Product Code:

$41.80(inc GST)



Airepak F6 Multipocket Bag 8 Pocket 610x610x560mm

Product Code:

$104.72(inc GST)



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