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Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x96mm

Product Code: 42312424


Pure-V extended surface panel filters are rated with an efficiency of G4 to EN 779:2002 and are suitable for variable air volume systems. Operating face velocity ranges are from 0 to 2.54 m/sec face velocity and can be used in most heating, air conditioning, or ventilating systems.

Pure-V extended surface panel filters can be installed in universal holding frames, side access applications and similar existing hardware. They may be used as pre-filters to extend the life of AirePak, PurePak, PureCell and AireFlow-V filters in these framing systems.

Important Features

  • Filter is 100% hot melt sealed into outer frame for superior filter efficiency, eliminating air and contaminant bypass
  • Solid aluminium frame and rigid self-supporting V-Form media
  • Safer handling for the installer, as wire support or metal cage is not required
  • Greater surface area over pressure drop compared to conventional V-form panel filters
  • Greater dust / contaminant holding capacity compared to conventional V-form panel filters
  • Longer filter life compared to conventional V-form panel filters
  • Washable or disposable G4 efficiency rating to EN 779:2002
  • Up to date test reports available on request.
Product Code42312424
Nominal Size (H x W x D)610 x 610 x 100mm
Actual Size (H x W x D)594 x 594 x 95mm
Airflow Capacity @ 2.54m/sec944 l/sec
Initial Resistance @ 2.54m/sec50
No. of Pleats per 300mm8
Media Area2.14sqm

Manufacturer: PURE-V

Weight: 0.036

Unit Of Measure: EA




$63.80(inc GST)

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Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x96mm

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