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F1 Holding Frame Galvanised 610x610x75mm

Product Code: 9111610610


Airepure F Series Holding Frames are used to hold HVAC filters individually or to construct filter bank arrangements for upstream or downstream access.

Airepure filters that may be used with the F Series Holding Frames include WD Panel Filters, SP Gate Filters, V-Form Panel Filters, Pure-V Panel Filters, AirePleat Panel Filters, AirePak Multi-Pocket Filters, PurePak Synthetic Media Rigid Filters, PureCell Separator Type Rigid Filters, PureCell II Mini-Pleat Rigid Filters, Honeycomb metal washable filters, and AirePleat- AC Activated Carbon Pleated Filters.

F1 series frames are designed to hold 25mm to 50mm depth filters, and can be used to retain a single filter or two filters in a series.

Clips are required to hold the filter into this frame. Depending on the type of filter, P Clips or Corner Clips will be recommended. Please contact Airepure for advice regarding which clips are suitable for your requirements.

Manufacturer: F1 FRAME

Weight: 0.031

Unit Of Measure: EA




$46.20(inc GST)

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F1 Holding Frame Galvanised 610x610x75mm

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