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City Touch Room Air Purifier

Product Code: 94000152


Camfil’s City Touch Air Purifier is an in-room air cleaner designed to improve indoor air quality through the removal of ultrafine airborne particles, providing clean air to various indoor environments.

City Touch is equipped with 3 types of filters:

  • 2 x Pre filters – to remove bigger particles like >PM10
  • 2 x VOC filters - to remove odour and VOCs
  • 2 x E11 rated HEPA filters – to remove bacteria, fine particles, allergens, smoke and haze.

The Camfil City Touch is ideal for use in rooms up to 60m2 such as residential bedrooms and living areas, communal shared spaces such as commercial offices, meeting rooms, lunch rooms, hotel rooms etc.

General benefits of Camfil’s City Touch room air purifier include:

  • Reduced particle concentrations through the removal of dust, allergens , viruses, and airborne contaminants from the localised airstream, using E11 rated particulate filters.
  • Removal of nuisance odours, using VOC filters.
  • Cleaner indoor air quality for a healthier indoor environment
    Improved health for people due to the removal of fine particulates from the localised airstream
  • Cleaner indoor air quality for a cleaner indoor environment
    Extend the product life of foods for consumption, stocked products in storage areas and equipment.
  • Reduced need for surface cleaning through the efficient removal of dust and airborne contaminants
  • Reduced energy costs through efficient air purification.
    Recirculated indoor air reduces the need to draw in and heat as much cold air from outside, resulting in more efficient heating and reduced energy costs. Significant energy savings are offered in rooms with high ceilings during colder months, since heat rises and the temperature is higher at the ceiling than the floor.  Air cleaners remix the air to equalise the difference in temperature, resulting in warmer air by the floor and reduced fan operation for the heating system.


Model City Touch Air Purifier
Power Consumption 40W
Power Supply AC 220-240V 50Hz
Dimensions 340(W)x496(H)x388(D)mm
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 500m3/h
Applicable Area 35-60m2
Weight 8.2Kg (10.9Kg Packaged)


  • Easy, plug in operation
  • Air quality sensor and indicator
  • Airflow volume selection (mode and speed)
  • Auto mode, based on room air quality
  • Sleep mode
  • Quick mode
  • Automatic shutdown timer preselect at 2Hr, 4Hr, 8Hr, 10Hr, 12Hr
  • Child lock
  • LED brightness controls / dimmer
  • Filter replacment indicator (pre filter, VOC filter, final filter) alerts you when the pre-filters need cleaning and when the VOC filter and final filters need replacement.
  • Remote controller

Operating Specification

Highest Setting TURBO
Airflow 500m3/hr
Energy Consumption 40W
Noise 66 dBa
Max Filtration Efficiency

99% @ 0.3micron
99% @ PM1 and PM2.5

Replacement filters for the City Touch can be purchased from Camfil Australia.

Links and downloads

Camfil City Touch User Manual

Camfil City Touch Data Sheet

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Manufacturer: CAMFIL

Weight: 10.9

Unit Of Measure: EA

Additional Information: Product Information Sheet (PDF)




$999.00(inc GST)

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City Touch Room Air Purifier
City Touch Room Air Purifier
City Touch Room Air Purifier
City Touch Room Air Purifier
City Touch Room Air Purifier

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