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Camfil Australia Pty Ltd

Welcome to the Camfil Airepure Web Store

Since the acquisition of the Airepure Group by Camfil AB in March 2020, Camfil has been consolidating its Australian operations, preparing to trade under the one company name – Camfil Australia.

Effective 1st May 2021 Airepure Australia Pty Ltd has ceased trading as Airepure to operate under the Camfil Australia Pty Ltd company registration, ABN and banking details.

Camfil Australia comprises a trusted team of technical sales people, engineers, estimators, project managers, service and NATA testing personnel who have amassed decades of experience providing safe, appropriate and successful air filtration solutions. 

Office, warehouse and local support facilities are located in all major cities across Australia, offering a reliable supply of stocked products and supporting technical services nationally.

Camfil Australia provides an unrivalled range of custom air filtration solutions, including quality, Australian made filters and custom filtration housings as well as a comprehensive range of stocked air filtration products available on demand.

We carry a comprehensive inventory of air filters and accessories for commercial / industrial air conditioning systems and air handling units; including disposable filter panels, pleats, V-forms, multi-pockets and bags, carbon filters, chemical media and HEPA filters. 

Our filters are available in different classes / filter ratings to provide the degree of protection required.   Standard sizes are stocked nationally. Custom sizes can be made to order.   

For more information, please contact Camfil Australia on 1300 886 353.

All sales and delveries are within Australia only.


30/30 G4 24x24x2 (594x594x44mm)

Product Code:

$23.10(inc GST)



AP Thirteen M13 24x12x2 (594x292x44mm)

Product Code:

$37.40(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x46mm

Product Code:

$36.30(inc GST)



Pure-V G4 Panel Filter 594x594x96mm

Product Code:

$63.80(inc GST)



Airepak F5 Multipocket Bag 6 Pocket 592x592x560mm

Product Code:

$75.90(inc GST)



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