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Camfil Australia Pty Ltd

Product Range and Clean Air Solutions

Camfil Australia service clients from a diverse range of industries; including healthcare and life sciences, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, industrial / manufacturing,  mining, chemical and petro-chemical, gas turbine, waste water, building and commercial.

No matter the size or complexity of your air filtration issues, we will give you sound advice and recommend appropriate solutions to meet your requirements and budget for the following:

Filtration of airborne particulates
HVAC and HEPA filtration
Air cleaners & room air purifiers
Cleanroom / laminar airflow systems
UCV operating theatre systems
Pass through cabinets
Air showers

Containment air filtration systems
Terminal / inline HEPA filter housings
Safe change (BIBO Bag In Bag Out) housings
Nuclear / biological containment housings
HEPA / HEGA containment housings
Bubble tight dampers
Decontamination units

Client focused services
Custom engineered filtration solutions
NATA accredited HEPA filter testing & validation of cleanrooms & contamination control equipment
Air filtration system installation & maintenance
Air hygiene duct cleaning
Asset verification

Purification & monitoring of toxic, hazardous or odourous molecular / gaseous contaminants
Gaseous filtration systems
Corrosive air systems
Positive pressure systems
Air scrubbers (deep bed, drum, emergency gas)
Chemical / biological odour control systems
Air quality / corrosive air monitoring systems

Control of odour and pollution
Commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems
Cannabis facility odour control
Dust & fume collectors
Machining mist collectors
Industrial air cleaners & room air purifiers
Odour control units & systems
Odour dilution systems
Laboratory or process fume exhaust systems

Turbomachinery filtration
High temperature filtration
Water & salt resistant filtration

Stock Standard Products

Camfil Australia offer an extensive range of quality air filtration products and accessories.

Products include:

Air filtration media
Available in rolls and custom sized pads

Panel pre filters
Available in standard and custom sizes

Disposable cardboard pleats (G4, M11, M13)
Airepure Airepleat G4, Airepleat M11, Airepleat M13
Camfil Airopleat II, 30/30, AP Thirteen

Metal framed flat panels (G4, G3)
9-11mm, 20-25mm depths
Standard panel or gate styles
Return air grille filters

Metal framed V-form panels (G4)
Airepure Pure-V 46mm, 96mm depths
FilterTech SuperPleat 22mm, 45mm, 95mm depths
Standard V-Form 25mm, 45mm, 90mm depths

Service pleats (G4)
Suitable for universal holding frames

Extended surface bag filters
Available in full and half size configurations

Deep bed bag filters (G4, F5, F7)
Airepure AireCube, AireCone, DuoPak, FourPak, MultiPak

Synthetic multi-pocket bag filters (F5, F6, F7, F8, F9)
Airepure AirePak
Camfil S-Flo

Glass fibre multi-pocket bag filters (M6, F7, F8, F9)
Camfil Hi-Flo

Rigid / compact filters
Available in full and half size configurations

Cardboard framed glass fibre mini-pleat filters (F6, F7, F8)
Airepure PureCell II
Camfil Airopac

Metal box style, synthetic pleat filters (F6, F7, F8)
Airepure PurePak
Camfil Riga-Flo

V-bank style, glass fibre mini-pleat filters (M6, F7, F8, F9, H11)
Airepure AireFlow-V
Camfil Opakfil

Metal air grease filters
Honeycomb grease filters
Mist eliminator moisture / oil separators
Camfil CamMet

Air filter accessories
Air filter holding frames
Filter P-clips, corner clips
Magnehelic gauges

Air intake weather louvers
Camfil Dynavane, Camvane

Gaseous / molecular filters
Available in full and half size configurations

Cardboard framed pleated panels
Airepure Airepleat-CC
Camfil CityPleat

Multi-pocket bag filter
Camfil City-Flo

Box / V-bank style mini-pleat
Airepure AireFlow-VC
Camfil CityCarb, CitySorb

Gaseous / molecular housings
Housings modules for activated carbon / chemical media
Airepure PM18 steel modules
Camfil CamCarb-VG disposable modules
Side access / front access housings
Gaseous media

HEPA filters
Available in gasket and gel seal types

Standard box style HEPA (H14, U15)
Airepure AireCell
Camfil Absolute C

High capacity box style HEPA (H14, U15)
Airepure AireCell HC
Camfil Absolute V

High temperature HEPA (H14)
Airepure AireCell HT
Camfil Solfilair V-bank style (120 deg C), Airopac  HT box style (250 deg C), Absolute FRSI box style (250 deg C), Absolute FRK-V box style (350 deg C), Termikfil box style (350 deg C)

High velocity HEPA (H13, H14)
Airepure Aireflow-HC
Camfil Absolute V

HEPA mini-pleat panel filters (H14, U15)
Airepure AirePanel
Camfil Megalam, Megalam ProSafe

HEPA housings and frames
Available in gasket and gel seal types

In duct HEPA holding frames
Airepure AC-1 frame

Terminal HEPA housings
Ceiling mounted or roomside

Airepure CS HEPA module with optional adjustable butterfly damper and roomside aerosol injection port
Camfil CleanSeal, Pharmaseal

Ceiling suspension type HEPA housing
Airepure CST HEPA modules

T-bar suspension type HEPA housing
Airepure TST module
Camfil Slimline RSR

Portable room HEPA air cleaners
Camfil City Touch

Custom Engineered Specialty Products

Airborne Containment & Isolation Filtration Systems

Camfil Australia offer a range of airborne containment and isolation filtration systems that may be suitable for the following applications:

  • Hospital negative pressure isolation rooms, quarantine rooms or isolation wards
  • PC3 or PC4 rated laboratory facilities
  • Advanced military, pharmaceutical, nuclear / radiological, biological & biotech laboratory facilities
  • Industries or research facilities that handle dangerous or biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials

Custom products include:

Airborne, radioactive, biological and chemical hazard containment systems

HEPA (particulate) and HEGA (gaseous) containment systems

Bag In / Bag Out (BIBO) fluid and gasket seal housings

Bubble tight isolation dampers

Gas tight isolation dampers

In place efficiency test housings

Decontamination and fumigation ports

Custom engineered filtration systems

Terminal mounted HEPA containment systems and exhaust housings

Inline HEPA containment systems and exhaust housings

250-micron, SS mesh insect screens and return air assemblies with pre-filtration

Controlled Unidirectional Airflow Systems

Camfil Australia offer a range of products for clean room environments.

Custom products include:

Laminar Air Downflow Units, Cabinets, Booths and Ceilings

Pass Through Hatches and Cabinets

Air Showers

Laminar downflow and hybrid laminar downflow ventilation systems

Terminal, ducted and safe change HEPA housing systems

Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems

Camfil Australia offer the FOCUS range of laminar flow and UCV systems for operating theatres.

Gaseous / Molecular Air Filtration Systems

Camfil Australia offer a range of custom gaseous / molecular air filtration systems that eliminate toxic, corrosive, odourous and hazardous gases, and improve air quality.

Our systems may be suitable for the following applications:

  • Prevent corrosion of electronics at oil refineries, pulp mills and chemical plants
  • Improve indoor air quality in schools, hospitals and office buildings
  • Ensure the safe preservation of artefacts in museums, libraries and archives
  • Assess, control and monitor airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms
  • Serve the air quality needs of the municipal water and wastewater industry
  • Control odour and improve yield within medical cannabis grow house facilities

Custom products include:

Activated carbon filters and pelletised media

Specialty chemical filters and pelletised media blends

Gaseous filtration systems and housings

Corrosive air systems

Positive pressure systems

Air scrubbers (deep bed, drum, emergency gas)

Specialty chemical / biological odour control systems

Air quality / corrosive air monitoring systems

Wastewater / Industrial Odour Control Solutions

Camfil Australia have over 20 years’ experience in supplying specialty and engineered solutions to the environmental and wastewater treatment and the industrial markets. 

Custom products include:

Large scale, certified FRP and stainless-steel containment systems for carbon and emergency applications.

Integrated scrubbers and control systems including electronics and fluid controls.

Emergency gas scrubbers for the control of catastrophic gas releases.

Self-contained air scrubbing, corrosive air and positive pressure units for controlled environments.

Custom deep bed scrubbers the effective removal of highly corrosive or toxic gas and odours.


Specialty chemical odour control units.

Custom, large scale chemical control systems.

Mobile odour control units (trailer size through to container size).

Corrosive air monitoring systems.

Jet plume odour dilution.

Testing and maintenance services, including gauges and physical repairs.

Design through to commissioning services and consulting.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems

Camfil Australia provide a range of safe, efficient and compliant commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems.

Custom products Include:

  • KAIRE™ Unit: multi-staged, combination filtration system
  • PowerClean™ large-scale autowash ESP

Laboratory & Industrial Process Fume Exhaust Systems

Camfil Australia are the AU/NZ distributors of the Strobic Air TRI-STACK™ manifolded, mixed flow, dilution fan for laboratory or industrial process fume exhaust. 

This system provides effective dilution of odour and chemical fumes and may be suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Laboratory fume exhaust
  • Industrial process exhaust
  • Emergency diesel exhaust
  • Odour dilution

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